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Business opportunities that fit your life helps to sell and buy existing businesses, connects with partners and investors. Registered users can upload their production and services they provide too.It is a social network that connects entrepreneurs, early stage companies, investors, angel investors, banks, venture capital firms, investment funds, business partners, business consultants.ReadymadeBusiness launched in 2016 in order to optimize the search possibilities for new business opportunities. Registered companies can add aditional users to their account. This option helps to answer internal messages, update i [...]

Benefits for registered members

Sell Your Business Here

Buyer will quickly find your business ad. You can follow the ads as well as you can subscribe them. Therefore all the interested persons in your business activity or region will know first about your offer.

Buy a Readymade Business

It is difficult to start a business sometimes. Here you can evaluate the history of running business and decide to purchase it or not. Excellent!

Find an Investor for Your Business

Operating banks do not always provide credits, so it is worth searching for new opportunities here. These opportunities include private person usually called “business angels“.

Find a Business You Wish to Invest

Announce an information on intentions to invest and attain attractive offers how to employ your money. Investing into differrent companies of the world is a good opportunity to split a risk.

Expand Your Business

Maybe in your native city or region the competitors are selling their own businesses? Use an excellent chance to buy it! Find out new business opportunities in your city: find an investor or a partner!

Business Ideas Are Born Here

All around the world people are searching and offering new business and investment opportunities. The fastest way to find what you are searching for is ReadyMadeBusiness system!

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